Templates aren’t great for your brand

Your website plays an important role in your overall branding efforts, and if you’re using a generic design, you’re going to have a difficult time creating a recognizable brand online. You’re much better off having an original design that captures the look of your brand.
Don't Use A Template Free Website Builder

Templates are terrible for SEO

Templates aren’t designed with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind. A lot of template designers/sites aren’t familiar with SEO best practices –  you could end up with a website that’s hard for search engines to crawl and rank.

You don’t have control

You have very little or no control of your website and its design with free website builders. You have very few choices and extras cost you money. That is why hiring a designer is more to your benefit, because you will have total control of what your site looks like.

Your Reputation Is At Stake

Free website builders put your reputation on the line in many ways. If you have a website that looks very much like another that has bad reviews – you may be mistaken for that business and you could lose potential clients. Free web site builders are also very fickle and can remove a template without warning, leaving your site full of messy text.

No Cookie CuttersOthers are using the same template

You’re not the only one using that spiffy new website template. There are probably hundreds or thousands of others are using that template as well.What will your clients think when they see you have the same generic design that they’ve seen over and over?

The Best Things In Life Aren’t Free

Some businesses think they can save money by using a free web builder or template, which is not true. Any extra features you want, you will end up paying for. Additionally, if you do not have an original site, you don’t stand out, which can cost you sales and your competition wins out. Which could cost you potential clients and lots of money. Make the right decision and hire a Global Nerds to create your website. You will be saving valuable time, as well as gaining more visitors that make creating an original website well worth it.

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