eCommerce Where Do I Start?

eCommerce Where Do I StartWe get this question all the time.   The task seems overwhelming, but we are here to help with that process of picking the right shopping cart for your needs (yes, we don’t offer one type, it depends on what the needs are for the business and online store), assisting with credit card processors, SSL certificates (yes, you will need one) and more.

Our shopping carts are a one time fee (well, two, 50% up front and 50% due once your site is done), we do not have you pay a monthly “maintenance” fee.  There are fees that you have to pay outside of our fees (i.e. your domain purchase), but once we are done with your cart, you are done paying us.  This is not the “normal” payment structure for most web designers.  We feel you will have enough to deal with, there is no reason to keep paying us.   With that said, our eCommerce fees vary depending on what is required with your cart.

Our carts never have a limited number of products/categories.  Your only limitation is based on your hosting plan (and yes, we can assist with picking out the right hosting plan/company for you).

Once you know what you want to sell online, contact us and we can help you with all the rest!