Tips for Marketing Your Bar and/or Restaurant With Twitter

twitterbirdTweet Regularly

Try  to tweet several times a day. You may want to follow a schedule related to points in the day where you want to drive people to your establishment.  For example, tweet a lunch special around 11 a.m. when people are thinking about where to eat during the week.  On Friday afternoon, tweet about an amazing new cocktail your bartender just created.   On Saturday tweet about one of your dinner specials at 5 or 6:00 when people might be trying to decide where to go for dinner.

Twitter is Timely

Twitter is all about “real time”, uses that to your advantage.   Have too much of a particular dish on hand, tweet about a special that is 1/2 off for the next two hours.   Is it a slow night at the bar?    Tweet a “buy-one-get-one-free” drink deal for the next 10 customers who come in in the next 2 hours.

Make it Special

Reward your followers with specials just for them…. A special word they can give the bartender or server for a free drink or appetizer.   Make sure to track how many customers use the code words, and you’ll get insight into how well your Twitter efforts are paying off.

Be Funny and Personable

People want to see what kind of environment there is at your establishment.  Who can say that better then great management!  Make sure you are funny and personable in your tweets and what is going on in your bar / restaurant.

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