Why Restaurants Need a Website

Why Restaurants Need a Website

For most restaurant owners the main purpose of their website is to highlight their menu – and get visitors to make reservations by telephone.

One of the main goals for the owners of a restaurant website, is to connect with potential-customers as they are actively search for a place to eat – more often than not, on Google.

Connecting with these customers involves:

  • How are their customers finding them online –  what keywords potential customer enter into Google (i.e. irish bar saratoga springs ny)
  • Optimizing they pages on your website so that they rank in the top spots in the search results for those all-important keywords.

The website should display all the information needed by a potential customer to entice them to visit your establishment  – this includes; a well written menu, a price list, directions, customer testimonials, a wine list, and information about making a reservation.

Another essential feature of a restaurant website is that it provides a means of staying in touch with existing customers – notifying them about upcoming promotions and reminding them about the restaurant in the lead up to popular ‘dining-out’ occasions – such as Mother’s Day. The two most effective (and cost effective) ways  of doing this are through facebook and/or an email mailing list.  Both of which we can help you with, both with the design and implementation.

Advice for Restaurant Owners Going Online

If you’re new to running a website, or don’t know very much about what make a web design make sales – then you should start out by using a web designer who not only can create a site that looks great, but funcitions well (easy to navigate and find information quickly) and can assist you with your online marketing.

For many people, the idea of choosing an “off the shelf” theme for their website does not sit well – and they are correct.  You should not purchase a “template” site that  any other restaurant can use – or, worse, use a “free” website builder.  Either of these never have a custom look that will stand out from your competitors.  The “free” website builders enlist you to create your website, when your job as a restaurant owner is to focus on your restaurant.

Let us help you build a beautiful, functional, responsive and marketable website for your restaurant.  We would never run a restaurant, why should you build a website?